About SMOK Novo 4 Coils / LP1 Replacement Coil (5pcs/pack)

The SMOK LP1 Coil is a must-have for Novo 4 Pod, Novo 4 Kit, Pozz Pro Kit, and Nfix Pro Kit users. These high-quality coils ensure smooth and tasteful vapor, with options like LP1 Meshed 0.8ohm for a softer flavonr, LP1 DC 0.8ohm MTL for intense flavonr, LP1 DC 1.0ohm MTL for a wide range, and LP1 Meshed 0.9ohm MTL for a strong throat hit. These coils prevent leakage with three silicone rings on top and bottom, fitting perfectly with Novo 4 pods. Installation is easy via a press-fit method. Get a 5-pack and find your perfect coil for a great vaping experience.


  • Coil Type: LP1 Meshed 0.8ohm Coil (12-15W)
    LP1 DC 0.8ohm MTL Coil (12-15W)
    LP1 DC 1.0ohm MTL Coil (10-15W)
    LP1 Meshed 0.9ohm MTL Coil (15W BEST)
    LP1 Meshed 1.2ohm MTL Coil (10-15W)
  • Compatibility: Novo 4 Pod / Novo 4 Kit/ Pozz Pro Kit / Nfix Pro Kit
  • Coil Installation: Press-fit

Package Content

  • 5pcs x SMOK LP1 Replacement Coil

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