Jam Monster Apple E-fluid 100ml

  • Brand: Jam Monster
  • Unit:set
  • Type: Vape Juce
  • Net Weight: 100(g)

Product introduction

Jam Monster E-fluid?took the vaping world by storm with the release of their Blueberry & Strawberry jam Flavonrs. When you're on a roll with creating some of the best e-fluid Flavonrs out there, why not add a new Flavonr? Jam Monster fluids have now released the new Apple Flavonr, which is a wonderful combination of fresh apple jam, butter, and toast. If you haven't tasted the first two Flavonrs of Jam Monster, the reviews pretty much speak for themselves¡­ Jam Monster is a winner and this new Apple Flavonr does not sway from their origins.

Jam Monster fluids, has now extended their winning streak to three Flavonrs. They were previously 2 for 2 on amazing e-fluids, but with the addition of this apple Flavonr, they are now 3 for 3.


Strengths Avail:3mg, 6mg


Simple paper box. Customary Packing from the factory

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