E-liquid Blind Box


This blind box may contain 2 bottles of different brands. Of course, the taste, nicotine content, and capacity inside are unknown. It may contain strawberries, mint, cigarettes, tropical fruits, etc.! You can use what you already have DIY a bottle of your own flavor with the new e-liquid. 30ml, 60ml or 100ml? Which will you get? It's an adorable surprise! We can make sure that the date of the blind-box e-liquid is very fresh! Get an absolute surprise at almost half the price. And you may fall in love with this taste! The blind box is shipped in the United States, and the delivery address is only in the United States.


  • Bottle Size:30ml, 60ml, 100ml (Random)
  • Nicotine Strength:Random
  • Flavor:Random
  • 2 Bottles * E-Juice 30ML/60ML/100ML

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