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How much does vaping cost in the US in 2022?

by Tracy Huang 27 Nov 2022

There must be a number of people would ask “How much does vaping cost?” when they are about to deciding to make a switch from smoking to vaping. Overall, the goal of vaping is not only to get a healthier life style, but also for the health of your purse - saving money.

Americans cost an average of $6.96 for a pack of cigarettes. However, the price of a pack of cigarette varies according to different states in the US. To reveal a simple and easy-to-understand comparison, let’s take the $6.96/pack of cigarettes for example.

As we can see above, the average price of a pack of cigarettes(20 pcs) would cost $6.96, if you frequently smoke and consume 2 packs a week, that means you’ll spend $55.68 a month, and $723.84 for a year! But what about the cost of the same amount of vape? Let’s find it out in the following text.

Cost of different types of vapes


To begin with, you should know that the cost varies according to the vape type you choose. We generally divide the vapers into 3 levels: first time switcher or beginner, intermediate vapers, and advanced vapers. Different levels of vapers have different needs and functions of vapes, we usually recommend pod system or disposable vape to first time switcher or beginner, AIO(all in one) pod mod kit for intermediate vapers, and multi-functional mod kit for advanced vapers. Therefore, the cost would be utterly dependent on what you choose and which level you are. And there is one more note you need to know: cost of vape juice.

Cost of vape juice

Vape juice is also known as e-liquid, it is the “cigarette” to the vape kit - produces vapor and delivers nicotine. To make short of long, e-liquid is also classified into several types: nic salt 50/50 e-liquid and high VG e-liquid.

50/50 e-liquid is for true MTL vaping which has much the same features and prices as nic salt. As for the nic salt e-liquid, you can directly fill it in the tank, and vape. It’s a flavoured vape juice with different levels of nicotine strengths to choose from. For instance, Mad Hatter Juice I Love Salts e-juice is packed in a 30ml bottle and costs $12.99 per bottle.

High VG e-liquids often come in large bottles and contain a lower level of nicotine substance(often available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg), so high VG e-liquids are often used for mass vapour production and pure flavour, and it is for sub-ohm vaping devices. And a bottle of 100ml high VG e-liquid usually costs $14.99.

Generally speaking, 2ml of e-liquid equals a pack of cigarettes. For a 30ml nic salt e-liquid which costs $12.99, it equals 15 packs of cigarettes, $6.96x15=$104.4; For a 100ml high VG e-liquid which costs $14.99, since sub-ohm vaping would consume more e-liquids, so let’s assume the 100ml high VG e-liquid equals 25 packs of cigarettes, $6.96x25=$174. The difference is clear, e-liquid is much cheaper than cigarettes in quantity. Of course, we didn’t count the cost of vape devices, accessories, coils, and tanks, let’s go on.

Cost of starter vape kit

For a starter kit, we often recommend disposable vape and pod system device. If you are a first time switcher, a disposable vape is strongly recommended. For example, the very classic Geek Bar B5000 Disposable Vape only costs $16.99 per PC which can deliver up to 5000 puffs. However, a pack of cigarettes generally deliver 300 puffs - 500 puffs.

The disposable vape is suitable for a short run for you do not have to invest too much money and you can enjoy a rather true MTL vaping experience and tasteful flavour, convenient and easy to use.

Well if you plan to make a long run on vaping and want to keep the MTL vaping style, a high quality pod system is the right choice. For example, Geek Vape Aegis One Pod Kit, as the first vape pen with Aegis design and powered by a 780mah built-in rechargeable battery, supports 2 days of use after fully charged! Smooth MTL flavor with the optimized airway, hallmarked drop performance, leakproof top-fill pod, and a multi-purpose button. It also features 3-level output adjustments. However, such a powerful and high quality pod system only costs $24.99.

Cost of Mod kit

When it comes to a mod kit, for example, the GeekVape Aegis B100 Boost Pro Max 100W Mod Kit costs $43.99 which is powered by a 18650/21700 battery with 100W max output, along with intelligent chip for smart operation, adjustable voltage, airflow control. It is capable of delivering a powerful DTL vaping with warm vapour and bold flavor.

You’ll also need to replace the coil for mod kit from time to time, and generally speaking $2 is enough for replacing a brand new coil.


Disposable(5000 puffs)

Pod kit(30ml)

Mod kit(60ml)









According to the vape review on the cost, it is easy to know that if you are a chain smoker and consume 20 cigarettes a day, you can rest assured on choosing any type of vape. The cost of a starter vape kit and a big bottle of vape juice plus $4 of 2 coils:$24.99+$12.99+$4=$41.98. A disposable vape with 5000 puffs is about $16.99. It is clear to see that vape costs much less for a long run. Therefore now it is the best time to make a switch from smoking to vaping, find a reliable vape shop, get your desired vapes, and keep good health for yourself and your wallet!

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